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Village Sound Night Life 

Poverty Civil Society 

Geo Spirit Talk 

Nature Sounds Semi-arid environment 

Plants Biochar Application  

Our Values 

Interview Saibhaskar Biochar 

Biochar Interview Of Dr N Sai Bhaskar Reddy By Lauramunoz 23 October 2013 

Discussion about Stoves and Biochar 

Village Visit Civil Services Foundation Course Lecture 

Social Innovations 

Geo Spirit Talk 3 

Dr G Chandrashekar Reddy 


Rainwater Harvesting CCRT 

Rainwater And Climate Change Eng 

Dr Surya Prakash Talk 

Geo Spirit Talks 

GEO Spirit Meet With Sujatha School Students 

Biochar Good stoves

Geo Spirit Children 

Biochar Experimental Plots 

Youth Environment Leadership Lecture 


Biochar Field Visit Discussions 

Geo Spirit Saibhaskar 1 

Goal Geo Spirit Leadership 


Stoves Impact 

Biochar Stoves Values 

Rainwater Harvesting 




Chenchu and tiger Experiences Tl 

Vandemataram Visit Tl 

Sustainability Tl 

Geo Spirit Discussions 4 Tl 

Interview Eenadu Nature Environment biochar Tel 

Adaptation Tl 


Disasters Tl 

Climate Change Lecture Tl 

Indoor Air Pollution Tl 

Climate Change Network Training At GEO RC Tl 

Geo Spirit Meet Tl 

Vulnerability And Adaptability Tl 

Stove Facts Tl 

Climate Change Food Security Tl 

Geo Spirit Kawal 1 Tl 

GEO Research Center Inaugural Address And Discussion 

Poverty Poorest Of The Poor Tl 

Values Systems Stoves Biochar Agriculture Open Knowledge 

Biochar Use And Application Tl 

Socio Economic Livelihoods Sustainability Tl 

Open Knowledge Why Not Change Tl 

Biochar Compost And Field Visit Tl 

Discussion With Media And Others On Stoves And Biochar 

Climate Change Tl 

Sai Bhaskar Song 


Raj Ghonds Transect Tl 

Climate Change Training Geo Rc Tl 

Drought Tl 

Earth Leaders Meeting 3 Tl 

Rural Livelihoods Lecture 1 Tl 

NREGA rural employment guarantee Tl 

Vulnerability And Adaptation Tl 

Farmers Status In India Tl 

Childhood Reflections Geo Spirit Tl 

Farmers And Agriculture Meeting 

Climate Change Mitigation And Adaptation 

Poverty Alleviation Tel 

NREGA Drought Tl 

Nrega Tl 

Rural Sounds People and Life 

Tribals Biochar Values Tl 

Discussion With Villagers On Stoves Tl 

Rainwater Harvesting Lecture Tl 

About GEO and activities Tl 

Earth Leaders Meeting 2 Tl 

Poverty Alleviation 2 Tl 

Rural Livelihoods Lecture 2tl 

Geo Spirit Meet Earth Center 

Biochar Interview Tl 

Plants Biochar Application Tl 

Nature Sounds Morning Semi Arid 









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